Advancing retirement outcomes for the disability community

"Whether it be through mentoring opportunities, support for diversity and inclusion programming or simply using our voice to raise awareness, we are committed to advancing retirement outcomes for this population — and helping them achieve the financial future they deserve."

John’s Crazy Socks Joins the CEO Commission for Disability Employment

"John’s Crazy Socks has joined the CEO Commission for Disability Employment, making a commitment to work with other leading firms to expand equal employment rights for people with disabilities."

An Open Letter to CEOs for National Disability Employment Awareness Month from the CEOs of NDSS, Voya and SHRM

"As CEOs, we play a pivotal role in breaking down barriers to employment for people with disabilities. This October — during National Disability Employment Awareness Month — join us and the CEO Commission for Disability Employment and become part of this paramount change. "

Meet InReturn Strategies, a start-up intent on unlocking the value of America’s disabled workforce

"In the fall, InReturn was appointed to the CEO Commission for Disability Employment, a group of companies and other organizations working to help people with disabilities achieve and maintain equal access to meaningful employment."